Specialist for air suspension - THE compressor units Manufacturers

Miessler AutomotiveŽ is a company, which has committed as well as set itself the task, of offering the customer a product, in a quality that is equivalent or better than the original.

Our prices are thereby set, so that you in most cases save, more than up to 50%, in this sector.

Miessler AutomotiveŽ has its headquarters in Germany and thus also acts according to German quality standards.

It moreover also accordingly passes on, these requirements to the subsidiary Miessler Automotive USA, Inc.

We work very closely together with German OEM manufacturers of the German automobile industry.

We want our customers to profit from our experience in air suspension, since 2003.

Decisive for us is not the quantity, but rather the quality and customer satisfaction.

Our assortment of spare parts, with regard to the air supply of your vehicle, is hitherto unique and unrivalled.

Our position on the global market is so well established, so that large automobile and aftermarket- companies, also technically work closely together with us.

Compressors, air supply systems, valves and other parts for the air suspension are developed by us and successfully launched on the market.

The focus on the subject of air suspension for European vehicles such as Audi, Bentley, BMW, Citroen, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, Renault, Volkswagen, as well as on request for many US brands and Asian vehicles, has only been copied in recent years by many other vendors and moreover in an inexperienced manner.

You are welcome to profit from the technical know-how of our company, through our support desk.

In case you are on account of the huge product diversity, unable to decide, our experienced sales team is happy to advise you.

We also recommend the conversation via e-mail, because our phone support is often overloaded with many inquiries.

We offer corresponding variations for your needs and requirements that you place on the product.

The Miessler AutomotiveŽ brand stands for quality in the sense of the original.

General overhauled air springs and air spring struts, as well as shock absorbers for the ABC hydraulic suspension:

Our extremely close cooperation with Rebuilt Master Tech, allows us to pass on to you, all the technical experiences of this very original German company.

We very specifically want to take this opportunity to point out to our customers or prospective customers that far too many replicas are available on the world market, with which you will only have to cope with difficulties and as a consequence be faced with even far more complications.

Although these replicas look the same, they nevertheless do not hold, what is promised.

Our philosophy is:

Instead of endeavouring to produce more laborious and costly replacements / spare parts ourselves, we research for the most notably serious and 100% qualitative companies that meet the requirements.

And in case their product does not 100% fit to the vehicle, we improve it, with OEM or / and high-quality German components, to the customised final product.

We are able to avoid a laborious and costly in-house production through outsourcing.

All this leads to the best price, quality and performance ratio on the market.

Moreover, it is since several years, possible for us to offer far more than only the installation, in our affiliated garage in Germany as well as in Florida.

Noteworthy and of far more importance to us, are the many years of experience, which we have hereby been able to acquire and to expand.